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The Oetztal Gift Card

guarantees pleasure

The Oetztal Gift Card guarantees pleasure - one the one hand it's the best idea for a present and on the other hand the recipient can decide on his/her own wherever (s)he wants to make use of it.

A great idea for every event, just for example as a christmas gift or to say thanks for our regulars in the Oetztal. There's variety to honour the gift card; weather in shops or restaurants. The card should also be reminiscent of the strengths of the native companies of the Oetztal.

The Oetztal Gift Card is obtainable in all the participative companies and in the office of the agency in Laengenfeld in the current opening hours. In future there supposed to be more points of sale.
There's also the opportunity to order the Oetztal Gift Card online and send it directly to the recipient.

Giftcards are available for the following amounts: 25,-, 50,-, 75,- and 100,- but also for an individual amount; at least 25,-.

Great pleasure in receiving and giving presents in future with our Oetztal Gift Card!

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