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Heimatmuseum in Laengenfeld

the local history museum

Heimatmuseum Längenfeld
Heimatmuseum Längenfeld
Heimatmuseum Längenfeld
Heimatmuseum Längenfeld

The Heimatmuseum in Längenfeld shows the rural environment, lifestyle and work as it was 50 years ago. In this museum you can find out a lot about flax cultivation. Flax was the main source of income of Ötztal until well into the 19th century. Thus, it is with great effort that flax is represented correctly in the museum.

Whether it is a summer- or a winter holiday, a visit in the Ötztaler Heimatmuseum is a must. There, you can marvel at numerous work tools from the past. Moreover, the Ötztaler Heimatmuseum is spread over many buildings, for example the "Mittelflurhaus", the "Blockhaus" , the "Pfostenspeicher" and many more.

Visit the Heimatmuseum in Längenfeld and you will see Ötztal with different eyes, because the Ötztal was much less touristically developed 100 years ago than it is now.

Ticket prices:
standart price - € 6,-
seniors - € 4,-
children 6-14 & schools - € 1,-
family card - € 8,-

up to 15 people - € 15,- per group
from 16 people - € 20,- per group