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the unplugged acoustic duo

Name: Hatcheck

Artists: Ingo Haid und Manuel Schöpf

Genre: Unplugged Acoustic Duo

Motto: „Fahr uns hoam, donn sein mar weck“

About us:
Hatcheck is a well known band in the Oetztal. They play on different events and are often seen in numerous hotels. Locals and guests love their calm music. In past they produced their own CD, which is available in a bunch of shops in the Oetztal. Nowadays they prefere to cover songs.

The name of the band "Hatcheck" is easy to explain: both of them always wear HATS when they perform. And their first concert supposed to be a Soundcheck but there were so many people that it was a concert. So their name was born: "HATCHECK".

Der Name Hatcheck kam zustande weil die beiden immer mit Hut bzw. Hat auftreten und ihr Debut im Hot Rock war eigentlich auch nur ein erster SoundCHECK. The Duo play almost everywhere: romantic evenings, hotels, small events and and and... Anyway, they never forget their guitar, kachon and their mouth organ.
In future they don't want to make "just money". They rather entertain people with their music and fascinate them.
Hatcheck – just Live no Playback