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alpine music project with lots of rough, gutsy edges

Name: Tyroll

Artist: Marlon Prantl

About us:

TyRoll interprets new & old folk music
Alpine music project has lots of rough, gutsy edges

Ötztal musician Marlon Prantl is in the process of realising an ambitious undertaking with his band TyRoll: the idea is to close the circle between the past, present and future through music.

Traditional folk music and world music become fused in contemporary arrangements.
Audiences are delighted by self-composed songs performed in the Ötztal dialect,
unplugged, live & loud, both with and without artistic and multimedia enhancements.

Music is the language of the heart – which is why it is understood all over the world.
Marlon Prantl @ TyRoll leaves no doubt that its identity is deeply rooted in the Tyrol’s Ötztal valley.
The local dialect is officially regarded as Austria’s oldest language and has even been recognised by UNESCO as a piece of intangible cultural heritage.

In their work as resounding ambassadors for the region that is their home, TyRoll has composed an authentic image of the Ötztal valley, of the Tyrol and of Austria.

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