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Aqua Dome

thermal spa in the heart of the Alps

Aqua Dome Längenfeld
Aqua Dome Längenfeld
Aqua Dome Längenfeld
Aqua Dome Längenfeld

The Aqua Dome blends perfectly into the contours of the valley. Thanks to the use of wood, stone and light, the outstanding building reflects the landscape and mountains that surround it.

Ursprung Spa Dome
Immerse yourself in 34°C or 36°C warm, invigorating water which comes all the way down from the glacier before bubbling up in the valley from a depth of 1,800m.

Lounge Gallery
The comfortable lounges are perfect to relax and unwind after a swim.

Panorama Chill-Out Area

This beautiful area on the second tier is for the exclusive use of our hotel guests.

Warm Area
Stretch out in comfort on our heated loungers and enjoy a sensation of perfect tranquility.

Activity Pool
with underwater fitness equipment for an unique work-out experience.


Stay bronzed throughout the year with our sunbeds in the spa area.