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Climbing in the Oetztal - Tyrol

the best area for climber

Sports climbing

The Oetztal is a spot to climb: sport climbing in climbing gardens in the Oetztal.
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Climbing Ferratas Oetztal

The Oetztal is absolutely the climbers paradise in tyrol. 4 climbing ferratas promise experience high life!
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Rope Course Laengenfeld

A spectacular high rope course - a combination of via ferrata and rope course - with a beautyful view to Laengenfeld.
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Via Ferratas in Tyrol

Sport climbing areas, bouldering rocks, climbing ferratas, alpine climbing tours and icy waterfalls - all that you can find in the Oetztal.

As well as a lot of information about sportclimbing in the oetztal or climbing ferratas you can also find all oetztal climbing topos of the routes in the oetztal in the oetztal climbing guide.

Not surprising that a couple of international climbing stars come from the Oetztal: Hans Jörg Auer, the Bacher sisters and Lukas Ennemoser live, work and work out in their home valley.

The oetztal is a spot to climb!

Climbing areas

Climbing Ferratas Oetztal:
Umhausen Stuibenfall Klettersteig
Längenfeld Reinhard Schiestl Klettersteig
Längenfeld Lehner Wasserfall Klettersteig
Klettersteig Gurgl

Sportclimbing Oetztal:
Klettergarten Längenfeld Oberried
Klettergarten Längenfeld Nösslach
Klettergarten Tumpen Engelswand
Klettergarten Umhausen Niederthai
Klettergarten Sölden Moosalm
Klettergarten Sölden Freizeitarena
Klettergarten Längenfeld Astlehn
Klettergarten Längenfeld Aschbach
Klettergarten Längenfeld Auplatte
Klettergarten Oetz
Klettergarten Brunau
Klettergarten Ambach