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E-Biken im Ötztal
E-Biken im Ötztal
E-Biken im Ötztal
E-Biken im Ötztal

Oetztal is THE biker's mekka in Tyrol already, and with the new innovation of the e-bike, this sport is moving the masses once more. Biking with the e-bike booms enormously and moves the biking scene in revolutionary ways. The enjoyable biking with "tailwind" makes twines as much fun with half the effort.

Not only because of the excellent cooperation between the local retail and rental locations, it has become a trend sport in the last years. Don't miss this chance and let the others look outmoded.

E-bike charging stations

From time to time you also have to take a break, that's exactly what the bike rest and recreaction spots with charging station are best suited for. Simply charge your e-bike at the Bike-Energy fast charging station without having to bring your own home charger. Simply plug in the adapter (XLR plug charging cable) and let your bike charge while you enjoy your well-deserved break. The charging stations are free of charge and always accessible.

Apple Mile charging station

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Hochoetz Pasture Region

Längenfeld place of rest & recreation