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in the Oetztal in Tyrol

In the Oetztal Alps you will find endless possibilities to go hiking. Uncountable paths, or even via ferratas to follow up to peaks and glaciers.

In the following we have listed some of the most rewarding hikes for you:


Sautens – Rammelstein – Forchet – Oetzbruck – Löckpuit - Sautens
Start at the "Freizeitzentrum" - 3,5 hours walk, easy path. No huts, bring your own supplies.


Umhausen - Lehn/Platzl – Tumpen - Umhausen
Start at the church in Umhausen, 2,5 hours hike, you will reach an altitude of 983 meters. Beautiful  path and there are plenty of "tyrolean inns" on your way. Make sure you take a couple of minutes to explore the small church "Maria Schnee" and the amazing rock face of the "Engelswand" in Tumpen. In Tumpen cross the street and head towards Burgstein. Follow the road in direction of Hopfgarten. Back through Forchat and Neudorf to Umhausen.

Niederthai – Larstighof - Gubener Hütte - Pforzheimer Hütte
Start in Niederthai at the church, plan for a 4 hours hike, you will reach an altitude  of about 2310 m - good, not very steep path.
There are some tyrolean "inns" on the way: try the "Larstighof", the Gubener hut or the Pforzheimer hut.


Gries – Nisslalm - Schönrinnkarsee:
Point of departure Gries
Walking time ca. 2 ½ hours

Highest point 2.353 m

Easy hiking trail

Food: Nisslalm

Worth seeing: scenic, beautiful hiking trail to the Schönrinnkarsee.
From Gries along the "Wirtschaftsweg" trail to the Amberger hut. Shortly after the Vögelas bridge on the right dirt road onward to the Nissalm. From there slightly up hill to the Schönrinnkarsee.

Gries – Winnebachseehütte - Gänsekragen:
Point of departure Gries
Walking time ca. 4 hours

Highest Point 2.914 m

Good stamina required

Food: Winnebachsee hut
Worth seeing: Winnebachsee, Panoramic view from the Gänsekragen onto Gries
From Gries up the road to Winnebach. From here on a good trail a bit Stepper into the Winnebachtal (Winnebach Valley) and to the Winnebachsee hut. From the hut on easy but steep trail to the summit of the Gänsekragen.


Alpine hiking trail Hochgurgl – Königstal – Ferwalltal – Gaisbergtal - Obergurgl:
Point of departure Hochgurgl
Walking time ca. 4 hours

Highest Point 2.300 m
Good hiking trail

Food: Neder hut
Worth seeing: Panorama view of the Seenplatte and of the glaciers of Gurgl.
From Hochgurgl past the small church into the Königstal. Across the creek Königsbach, then a short up uphill section and left turn to the alpine hiking trail to the Ferwalltal. Over the bridge across the creek Ferwallbach and on the left turning trail to the Gurgler Heide. Past the lift station of the Rosskarlift into the Gaisbergtal and then descent to Obergurgl.

Zwieselstein – Timmelstal - Timmelsjoch: 

Point of departure Zwieselstein

Walking time ca. 3 ½ hours
Highest point 2.474 m
Good hiking boots mandatory!
Food: Rasthaus Timmelsjoch

Worth seeing: Timmelsjochstraße

From Zwieselstein at the bottom of the Brunnenberg into the Timmelstal and on a well marked trail to the Timmelsjoch.

Obergurgl - Seenplatte:
Point of departure Church in Obergurgl

Walking time ca. 1 ½ Stunden
Highest point 2.670 m
Good hiking trail

No snack stations.
Worth seeing: View of the glaciers of Gurgl, Seeplatte
From the church first on a slighty  downhill trail leads to a bridge across the Ache. From here it's uphill to the Seenplatte.


Oetz – Sautens – Wiesenweg - Oetz
Start at the Piburger Straße i Oetz, to Piburg, 1,5 hour hike. Easy. There are some Gasthoefe on your way.

Oetz – Kohlstatt – Seejöchl – Piburg - Oetz
Follow the Piburger Strape in Oetz, 3,5 hour hike, you will reach an altitude of 1060 meters. Make sure you are wearing good hiking or trekking shoes! There are some "inns" in Piburg: take a minute to explore the nature spring at Kohlstatt, enjoy a great view from the Seejöchl over the Piburg lake.

Oetz – Klingenburg – Oetzerau - Auer Klamm –Ebene - Oetz
Start in Oetz, follow the Kirchweg 4 hour hike, you will reach an altitude of 1016 meters.  Enjoy a great view into the Nederbach canyon, pass by the church in Oetz and make your way towards the Kuehtai Straße. Cross the street and follow the path in direction of the "Oetzerberg" till you come to a crossing and find a sign directing towards "Oetzerau". Make your way to the "Auerklamm", take the left towards "Ebene". Back across the bridge heading towards Sautens. After the bridge turn left and follow the little road towards Oetz.

[Translate to EN:] Längenfeld-Huben

Huben – Burgstein - Laengenfeld
Start in Huben, prepare for a 2 hours walk, you will reach a maximum altitude of 1400 meters - it is an easy walk. Try a tyrolean inn in Burgstein or Laengenfeld. Enjoy a great view over the Laengenfeld / Huben. Make your way starting form Huben along the river "Oetztaler Ache" to "Runhof". Cross the street there  and head towards Burgstein and then back to Laengenfeld


Sölden – Granstein – Hochwald – Aschbach - Sölden: 

Point of departure Sölden-Lochlehn

Walking time ca. 4 ½ Stunden

Highest point 1.570 m

Good hiking trail

Food: snack station Grüner, snack station Hochwald, Guest house Aschbach

Worth seeing: hike through a magnificent larch forest , view of Sölden

From Sölden to the Weider Lochlehn. Turn right on a trail through the "Gehörde" to Granstein. Continue to the snack station Hochwald down to Aschbach. From Aschbach, walk uphill to the Weiler Brand. Back to Sölden along the dirt road.

Hochsölden - Dr.-Bachmann – Weg - Bergler See – Granstein - Sölden:

Point of departure Hochsölden

Walking time ca. 4 ½ hours

Highest 2.150 m

Moderate hiking trail, solid walking skills required in some parts!

Food: Guest houses in Hochsölden, snack station Hochwald, snach station Grüner

Worth seeing: Wonderful panorama view, Bergler Lake
On the well-marked Dr.-Bachmann-trail from Hochsölden across the Marchrinnen to the Gransteiner mountain alp. Continue to the Bergler Lake and over the Hochwald to Granstein. Back to Sölden from here. 

Sölden – Brunnenbergalm - Falkners Gasthaus - Brunnenkogelhaus:

Point of departure: Sölden

Walking time: ca. 4 hours
Highest point: 2.738 m
Good shape and good Wiking boots mandatory!

Food: Moosalm, Brunnenbergalm, Falkner`s guest house, Brunnenkogelhaus

Worth seeing: Wonderful view of the Vent valley and to Hochsölden.
From Sölden to the Weiler Moos. From there along a dirt road to the Brunnenbergalm and Falkner's guest house. Continue on a steep path to the Brunnenkogelhaus. Descent the same way or through the Windach valley.


Vent – Rofenhöfe -Vent: 

Point of departure Vent, Post office
Walking time ca. 2 ½ hours

Highest point 2.011 m
Easy hiking trail

Snack stations: Rofenhof, Geierwallihof

Worth seeing: Especially amazing alpine flora along the trail to the highest cars in Austria, suspended bridge.
From the post office in Vent to the Rofenbach then left along the Rofenwand to the suspended bridge and across this to the Rofenhöfe. back to Vent along the road from there.

Vent – Martin-Busch hut – Similaunhütte – Ötzis Fundstelle:

Point of departure Vent

Walking time ca. 6 ½ hours, maybe a 2 day undertaking

Highest point 3.200 m

Good shape necessary!

Snack stations: Martin-Busch-Hut, Similaun hut

Worth seeing: Ötzi find spot, view of South Tyrol and the Dolomites from the Similaun hut.
From Vent left before the Rofenache across the bridge of the Niedertalbach, through the Nieder valley to the Martin-Busch hut. From here on a moderately steep path to the Niederjoch glacier. On the right side of the glacier to the Similaun hut. From the Similaun hut a via ferrata leads across the ridge to the find spot of Ötzi, the man from inside the ice.

Vent - Hochjoch-Hospiz - Brandenburger Haus: 

Point of departure Vent

Walking time ca. 7 hours

Highest point 3.274 m

For experienced mountaineers only!

Snack stations: Rofenhöfe, Hochjoch-Hospiz, Brandenburger Haus
Worth seeing: Unique journey through the glaciers of the Ötztaler Alps.
From Vent to the Rosenhöfe to the Hochjochhospiz. Continue on the Deloretto trail under the Guslarspitze along some turns to the Rangenburger Jöchl and across the Kesselwand glacier to the Brandenburger hut.