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Canyoning in the Oetztal

pure adrenaline

The literal sense of canyoning means "to follow the stream of a canyon".

But canyoning is much more: sports, adventure, thrill and character building.

Canyoning unites a large variety of elements of sports and alpinism, and requires a lot of experience and skills by the guides. After all, the groups have to be guided through the breathtaking canyons of the Oetztal safely.

The characteristics of each canyon, of the rocks and the changing weather conditions have to be considered, to return safely and successfully from the adventure.

The Oetztal in the heart of Tyrol is an international favored winter sports and hiking resort. The location amongst the impressive world of the Alps attracts guest at any season. In winter and summer hiking is very popular, since you can explore the great mountain scenery, forests, lakes and brooks in your own speed.

Beside hiking there is another interesting possibility to expolore the mountain streams ot the Oetztal: The Oetztal Canyoning, also known as "Schluchteln" or "Schluchting" is a favorite of all friends of the nature, and very popular since the 1990's. The Oetztal offers best conditions, due to numerous intricate brooks and canqons.

Oetztal Canyoning – the full panoply at!

Canyoning im Ötztal
Canyoning im Ötztal
Canyoning im Ötztal
Canyoning im Ötztal

How works Oetztal Canyoning?

Canyoning means to go through a canyon from top to bottom, by roping, climbing, jumping, gliding, swimming and diving. Oetztal Canyoning stands for sportive thrill with the nearness to the nature.The Oetztal Canyoning is often critized by conservationists, as sometimes areas are made accessible, that normally no one would ever see. But exactly this is the appeal of this unconventional sports, an unforgettable adventure in the unique nature.Canyoning is a combination of different outdoor sport techniques which are abseiling and rock climbing, but you also have to jump from high cliffs into small water pools, swim and dive through the current of a river or slide down rocks to get to the next abseiling spot. There are heaps of canyoning lovers around the Oetztal who also offer professionally guided canyoning tours.

So no matter if it is your hundredth canyoning tour and your neoprene has already seen some pretty spectacular jumps or it is your first canyoning experience you will find the perfect outdoor playground all around the Oetztal.

Find canyons of all difficulties – some just beautiful with smooth slides and glittering emerald water pools other wild and adventurous for the advanced canyoneer.

Canyons like the Auerklamm, Nederbach oder Rosengartenschlucht are well known amongst outdoor fans for their outstanding beauty and perfect canyoning conditions.

Save through the Oetztal – Canyoning

The heart of Tyrol offers the best conditions for Oetztal Canyoning-tours. But attention: never step into the canyon on your own initiative. The Oetztal disposes of sufficient special schools, which offer guides and trainings. Be sure to experience unique white-water tours.