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Ski Mountaineering

in Oetz

From the guesthouse Marlstein you go over a small skiing lawn to the dirt road up to the fifth turn. At the bench you go up some steep slopes until you get to a cairn. From here it's a little bit flatter to the Schafjoch 2593m. You follow the sharp crest to the northern flank of the Pirchkogel. Coming from the northwest, you cross a small basin between two summits to the higher summit (without a cross). Ascent time: 3-4 hours. Easy descent. This tour is recommended from February to May.


From the parking lot, you go up through the forrest to the upper Issalm - from here on the forrest is less dense to the Wörgetal - past the Knappenhaus - at ca. 2250 m you reach the summit slope - pretty much straight to the ridge - continuing left to the summit. Ascent time: 2.5 - 3 hours. Easy to moderate descent. This tour is recommended from December to April.