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Spa Resorts Oetztal

to relax & enjoy

Your spa resort in the Oetzal with Ayurveda and fitness arrangement

Like to have a timeout for recreation? Just enjoy and indulge yourself? How about a spa resort in the Oetztal?

On our sites you can find an exclusive choice of spa resorts, which often are known and awarded supraregional. They offer you time for recreation and an oasis for all senses. Each spa resort in the Oetztal offers - according to your whishes - different treatments and therapies like for example cosmetic treatments, relaxation massages, cream or mupacks, as well as beauty baths. The ingredients for a cosmetic treatment consist of natural components and are individually balanced to your skin type. The massages are often initiated by a cleansing body peeling f.e. from sea sand and precious oils, which prepare your skin for the following spa treatments.

Some spa resorts in the Oetztal also offer Ayurveda treatments, a millenia old tradition from India. The aim of Ayurveda is to get calmness and to achieve inner balance.

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From the spa resorts in the Oetztal you can also expect fitness arrangements. Whether you exercise with your Personal Trainer or enjoy your training in a group with like-minded people - get into the adventure and see your body from a different view.