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the diamond of the alps


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Skigebiet Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

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Obergurgl & Hochgurgl in Summer

Obergurgl. End of June we celebrate the coming of summer in this town with a big festival; “Fest der Berge” as we call it.
The colourful alpine flora of this region invites you for long hikes through breathtaking scenery. The unpolluted air at these heights and the unique vegetation make this place an unforgettable holiday spot.

Obergurgl is famous for very exclusive and challenging hiking possibilities. The local guides will be happy to show you some of the most amazing spots around. The area around is very rich in mineralss. Particularly the Ötztaler Almandin-Granat is an attraction for mineral collectors.

Hochgurgl. Hochgurgl is the glacier village of the Tyrol. Here you can experience Nature’s splendour in all colours and shades. The sun seems different at such heights, the scent of the trees and flowers is unspoilt. This is a true climber’s and wanderer’s paradise. Start your hike with the next mountain cottage as your target to stop at. This is a very old and reliable method to discover where the people have always wandered for years in this solitude. An experience that you should definitely not miss out on is the sun rise and the sun set between the glaciers. Just spectacular!

A very fascinating trekking tour follows the the path of the Timmelsjoch-Hochalpenstrasse. It is definitely one of the most beautiful tracks in the Alps. Besides the highest pass in the eastern Alps at the height of 2.509 meter is a treat of a special class. Take a bike, a Motorbike or a cabriolet to enjoy the beautifully built unending serpentine roads.


Winter in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl in the Oetztal

The two lovely villages of Obergurgl and Hochgurgl are called the Diamond in the Alps. Snow is always guaranteed! A meeting point for people with style and the right feeling for untouched landscapes.

Two 5-star hotels, more than twenty 4-star accommodations, guesthouses and deluxe apartments await you in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, an internationally renowned winter sports resort. Premium quality, individual flair, irresistible ambiance, and champagne-filled air. Simply a diamond in the Alps.
Obergurgl-Hochgurgl has introduced reduced-traffic zones and banned night-time traffic in Obergurgl to ensure is guests a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere and provide the townsfolk with enhanced living conditions. Motorized guest arrivals and departures are permitted.

6 hotels, a meeting place for stylish people looking for this little extra feeling. Hochgurgl (2,150m), on top of the Ötztal Alps, stands for genuine hospitality and charm combined with outstanding luxury in an exclusive setting. Winter pleasures at their very finest right amidst the ski area.

Obergurgl. Since the year 2005 the modern snow makers allow the skiing pleasure to be extended up to 3,000 meters above sea level. Passionate skiers or sledge lovers find this as a place “that never sleeps”. You can go for night skiing or try out a sledge ride on flood lit slopes. In Obergurgl you can practically ski right up to your house door.
The air is clean the snow unspoilt; the nature shows its splendour at these heights as you have never seen before. This is the place to forget the hectic routine of your busy life and relax. Lay back and take it easy recharge yourself in this purity of nature.

Hochgurgl. Whether your passion is to slide down the icy black slopes, or you like to ski in deep snow. Whether you are an expert or like to begin with your passion of skiing: between 1,800 and 3,080 meters above sea level you have ample space to do just your thing. There are 110 kilometres of professionally prepared ski slopes. If you are looking for top quality skiing this is the right place to be. You can go cross country skiing in unspoilt powder snow or just walk through the deep snow to experience something new.

Even when the people down in the valley below are preparing to welcome the spring season, up here there is snow in full strength. Probably nowhere else in the Alps could you go skiing for such a long time as you could here. You like to visit Obergurgl and need further information concerning this village? On our sites you're just right. Due to its altitude Obergurgl is one of the most attractive ski resorts. Obergurgl is the highest church village of Austria and offers snow-guarantee from november until may. In Obergurgl the ski resort begins, where elswhere it ends. The great offer of slopes and well prepared downhills combined with the amazing mountain scenery and the panoramic view, arrange for a great vacation in Obergurgl.
Tourism in Obergurgl
Also the great gastronomic offer contributes to your first-class vacation Obergurgl. Nowadays more than 100.000 visitors come to Obergurgl, most of them from Germany, Great Britain, Austria and the Benelux. On our sites you find a wide range of different accommodation in Obergurgl, with the possibility to book online. You have the choice between first class luxury hotels, comfortable boarding houses or cosy holiday homes and cottages. They have in common the typical Tyrolean hospitality, so you'll feel very comfortable during yor stay in Obergurgl.

Find your accomodation in Obergurgl this very day!

Of course there are a lot of further leisure time activities beside skiing during your holidays in Obergurgl. Explore the surrounding area by mountain bike, also nordic walking and paragliding is possible. You will find the beauty of the nature in Obergurgl at every turn. And you'll treasure the unique panoramic view forever. We invite you to come to the beautiful vacation resort Obergurgl, which is also known as the "diamond of the Alps".