Questions & Answers about the Ötztal Gift Card

Issue of a new Ötztal Gift Card which can be redeemed in all participating businesses in the Ötztal.

The card can be purchased at all participating businesses, at the Raiffeisen banks in the Ötztal, at the oetztal.at office in Längenfeld and also online at www.oetztal.at/geschenkkarte.

The Ötztal Gift Card is available at any time.

In all partner companies which are listed online

This card can be returned to the partner establishments and can be recharged by the establishments.

Customer loyalty, new customer acquisition, incentive that Ötztaler again increasingly shop in the Ötztal, the gift card in credit card format is a practical and very popular format with consumers, high quality printing & processing, card and credit management via online system reduces potential sources of error and facilitates the handling of vouchers. For the sale of the vouchers you will receive a commission of 2.5% plus VAT.

The only technical requirement is a PC with Internet access and printer in the store. There is no new software to install, no maintenance required.

Customer comes into the store, presents the gift card, via a protected internet access the balance on the card can be accessed.

The customer can redeem the whole amount or partial amounts. The settlement
via Hobex takes place once a month.

Start package (gift cards + packaging). For voucher redemption 4.0% plus 20% VAT. Commission for system usage (administration system + statistical analysis, billing via Hobex)
+ € 160,- one-time setup fee