Outdoor action in summer

in the Ötztal in Tyrol

Pure adrenaline


... steep walls, airy heights, wild water ... between Haiming and the Timmelsjoch is provided for all kinds of thrills.

It's not for nothing that Ötztalers are always making a name for themselves in the professional outdoor scene - the Ötztal is one huge playground full of gorges, via ferratas, enormous rock faces, raging floods.

Conquer the white water in an inflatable boat: Rafting in the Ötztal becomes an unforgettable experience.
For canyoning enthusiasts, the Ötztal is a resounding name. After all, the world-famous Auerbachklamm gorge is located here in the Ötztal.
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Canyoning in Ötztal, Tyrol

Besides hiking, however, there is another interesting way to get to know the mountain streams of the Ötztal Alps: canyoning, also called Schluchteln or Schluchting. According to the literal sense, canyoning means nothing more than "following the water course of a gorge". This sport is particularly popular with nature lovers and has enjoyed increasing popularity since the 1990s. Among followers of canyoning in Tyrol, the Ötztal is especially popular, as it offers the best possible conditions with its numerous winding mountain streams and gorges to open up areas that otherwise no human eye could ever see. But canyoning in the Ötztal is much more than just hiking in gorges: it is sport, adventure, thrills and personality development.

Those who want to take up the challenge can do so under the expert guidance of our outdoor professionals.

And outdoor in the Ötztal means everything that happens between heaven and earth on wild waters, steep walls and deep gorges. Pure adrenaline.

Rafting in Ötztal, Tyrol

For many, a rafting tour is the first step into outdoor sports. The name rafting comes from the English term for "raft", as this water sport involves navigating a river with an inflatable boat. In Tyrol there are different rafting routes - the towns of Haiming, Sautens, Oetz and Ötztal-Bahnhof have become the absolute outdoor center. Outdoor sportsmen travel from all over Europe and beyond to get to know the breathtaking gorges and wild waters under the expert guidance of the local professionals.

Rafting also for advanced rafters

The immediate surroundings in the Ötztal valley offer a true Eldorado for beginners as well as for advanced wild water sportsmen.