Ski tours

in the Ötztal

Off-piste without any ascent assistance and in harmony with nature. On the peaks of Obergurgl / Hochgurgl, Gries, Niederthai and Vent the tourer finds paradise. Vent and Gries in particular are ideal starting points for countless summit conquests. The Vent routes of the Ötztal ski tours are among the most popular "Haut Routes" in the Eastern Alps throughout Europe.

Ski touring Kühtai: Of course, safety must not be ignored when ski touring. If the danger of avalanches is too high, you should never set off into high alpine terrain. Safety first! Always follow the avalanche and weather reports.

Tips for ski tours in the Ötztal

From Gasthof Marlstein you go over a small ski meadow to the forest road to the fifth bend - at the bench you go over steep slopes until you meet a stone mandl. From here it becomes somewhat flatter in the direction of the Schafjoch 2,593 m. You follow a narrow ridge to the northern flank of the Pirchkogel. From the northwest you go through a beautiful hollow between the two peaks and to the higher peak (without cross).
Ascent about 3 to 4 hours. Easy descent.
This tour is recommended from February to May.

Weather cross
From the parking lot you first ascend through the forest to the upper Isslalm - from here it goes through sparser forest into the Wörgetal - past the Knappenhaus - at about 2,250 m you reach the summit slope - pretty much directly to the ridge - left on to the summit. Ascent approx. 2.5 to 3 hours. Easy to moderately difficult descent. This tour is recommended from December to April.

From the information in Niederthai you start comfortably through the Horlachtal to the Schweinfurter Hütte - shortly before the Schweinfuter Hütte the path then leads left over a somewhat steeper slope up towards the Weites Kar - later you turn left towards the Finstertaler Scharte and the Schartenkogel - on the right the path leads over the summit slope towards the Kraspesspitze.
Ascent: 4 hours.
Moderate descent This tour is recommended from December to April.

From the information in Niederthai you start comfortably through the Horlachtal to the Schweinfurter Hütte - after the Klein Horlachalm (1.900 m) the path leads left up the first slope to the Finstertaler Sennhütte (2.147 m) - from there you follow the valley floor directly towards the summit - after 3.45 h you reach the summit ridge (ski depot) and follow it to the highest point.
Ascent: 4 hours.
Medium difficulty descent This tour is recommended from December to April.

Finstertaler Schartenkogel
Hohe Wasserfalle

Schrankogel (3.497 m)
Schrankarkopf (3.308 m)
Hinterer Daunkopf (3.225 m)
Windacher Daunkopf (3..310 m)
Cow slice (3.187 m)
Tonigenkogel (3.011 m)

Vent is certainly the center of ski touring in the Ötztal; some also claim in the entire Alpine region. Countless mountain huts, imposing peaks, guaranteed snow from autumn (over 2,000 m above sea level) are an invitation to strap on the skis and head for the high mountains.

To enumerate all tours would be too much, but the Venter-Runde covers all highlights.

Venter-Runde: The classic Venter ski tour is one of the absolute ski touring classics. The five-day tour with the start in Vent leads through the central part of the Ötztal Alps and thereby on some of the highest and most attractive three-thousand-meter peaks in Tyrol, on the program of the summit collectors are: Similaun (3,606 m), Finailspitze (3,514 m), Weißkugel (3,739 m), Fluchtkogel (3,500 m), Wildspitze (3,774 m).

With the truest sense of the word at the peak of Tyrol!