Bike Republic Sölden

the playground for downhillers

In the meantime, the Ötztal has turned out to be a destination of absolute Mountianbike fans. Not without reason, the "scavenger hunt" has already become a tradition in the Ötztal. Now the fun of biking in the Ötztal goes one step further:

Since 2015, sports fans can look forward to the "Bike Republic Sölden"! The already existing single trails are now no longer the only bike attraction in the Ötztal. The "Rolling" pump track at the Gaislachkogelbahn in Sölden is a wave course for young and old. The "Teäre Line", on the other hand, attracts bikers who see their merits in downhilling. Without difficult obstacles, however, this is also a must for beginners and pros when biking in Sölden. Every year the network of trails expands and leaves nothing to be desired.

Here to the 3D trail map

The trails as well as the pump tracks
are open in summer!

The Shaped Lines at the Bike Reupublic in Sölden consist of steep curves, wallrides, rollers and also snails (spirals). They are cleared of roots and stones so that there is no "obstacle" in the way. Additionally, depending on the difficulty of the trail, jumps have been added. In the foreground is in any case the fun and pouring out happiness hormones! The names are taken from the Ötztal dialect and stand for their stubbornness.

Detailed information about the Shaped Lines can be found here: bikerepublic.soelden.com/shapedlines

The natural paths and trails are used by bikers and hikers - so be careful. These trails have not been cleared of the natural obstacles, so there are roots, stones and hairpin turns on the trails. Technically demanding, but of course a highlight for all mountain bike fans.

Detailed information about the nature trails can be found here: bikerepublic.soelden.com/nature-trails

Enduro routes are mixtures between mountain bike routes, shaped lines and nature trails. This results in varied circuits that require a high degree of technique and fitness and deliver terrific experiences.

Detailed information about the Enduro routes can be found here: http: //bikerepublic.soelden.com/endurostrecken

To expand the skill or even for beginners.

A pump track is simple and straightforward. The goal is to increase the speed steadily by pumping after the start and finally to get through the Pumptrack without using the pedals. Therefore the Pumptrack is ideal as a training area for the Shaped Lines or the Nature Trails.

The Pumptrack "Rolling" is located next to the valley station Gaislachkogelbahn in Sölden, directly at the main road. The Pumptrack "Sunny" is located at the Hotel Sunny and offers ideal practice for junior bikers.