Museum of local history

in Längenfeld

The local history museum in Längenfeld shows the rural living space, lifestyle and its working world as it was 50 years ago. In this museum you can also learn a lot about flax cultivation. The flax was until the 19th century the main source of income in the Ötztal and therefore much emphasis is placed on the flax in the museum properly presented.

A visit to the Ötztal Museum of Local History is a must during your summer or winter vacation. Because there you can also marvel at various tools from the past. In addition, the Ötztaler Heimatmuseum is divided into different houses, such as the Mittelflurhaus, the Blockhaus, the Pfostenspeicher and many more.

Visit the local history museum in Längenfeld and you will then see the Ötztal from a completely different perspective. Because 100 years ago the Ötztal was far from being as touristy as it is today.


The entrance fee to our museums is free. At the entrance of the museums you will find a box, in which you can put the entrance fee of your choice, if the preservation of our museums and our work is important to you.
Guided tours for groups: bookable at any time (all-inclusive price: € 50,-)