Art and culture

in the Ötztal

There is no lack of art and culture in the Ötztal. From freelance painters and carvers to musicians and various museums. A wide range of different cultural venues offers every vacationer the chance to learn more about the Ötztal.

During your vacation in the Ötztal you can not only go skiing or hiking, because in the different museums you can see how the Ötztal used to be. In the Ötzi village in Umhausen, for example, you can, in various courses, experience life in the Stone Age at first hand. In the local history museum in Längenfeld, on the other hand, you can take a look at life before the big tourism change.

In any case, a variety of interesting locations await you.

Tower Museum Oetz
The Tummuseum in Oetz is a destination for the whole family. Here you can learn a lot of background information about the Ötztal valley
Ötztal local history and open-air museum
A time before the tourism change? Here you can see how people in the Ötztal used to live.
Ötzi village
The Ötzi village in Umhausen offers numerous exhibits from the Stone Age, as well as special courses on survival training and much more.
Churches & Chapels
All churches and chapels in Ötztal
Krampusbrauch im Ötztal
Der Krampusbrauch wird in ganz Westösterreich zelebriert.