Tower Museum Oetz

Cultural scene of the modern times in the Ötztal valley

The tower museum gives you insights from the poor, medieval living conditions to generously furnished rooms of modern times.

However, the Tower Museum in Oetz is ideal not only for culture enthusiasts. You can also learn a little bit during a cozy family vacation and combine the pleasant with the useful.

In the tower museum numerous pictures, sculptures and also photographs are exhibited. In addition, there are also a variety of special exhibitions about the Ötztal, its Alps or even art and tourism.

In addition, there are many interesting things to discover about the Ötztal. But not only in the vacation region Oetz there are museums or destinations for your vacation, but also in Längenfeld and Umhausen, there the Ötzi village and the local history museum are among the ultimate cultural venues.

The entrance fee to our museums is freely selectable. At the entrance of the museums you will find a box, in which you can put the entrance fee of your choice, if the preservation of our museums and our work is important to you.
Group tours: bookable at any time (flat rate: € 50,-)