Cannyoning in the Ötztal

Pure adrenaline

The Ötztal valley in the middle of Tyrol is known to many as an internationally popular winter and hiking sports area. The location in the middle of the imposing alpine world attracts sports-loving visitors here at any time of the year. In summer and winter, hiking is especially popular, as you can discover the impressive panorama of the mountains, as well as the forests, lakes and streams at your own pace.

Besides hiking, however, there is another interesting way to get to know the mountain streams of the Ötztal Alps: canyoning, also called Schluchteln or Schluchting. According to the literal sense, canyoning means nothing more than "following the water course of a gorge".

This sport is particularly popular with nature lovers and has enjoyed increasing popularity since the 1990s. The Ötztal valley is particularly popular with canyoning enthusiasts, as its numerous winding mountain streams and gorges offer the best possible conditions for opening up areas that no human eye could ever see otherwise.


Canyoning is much more than just hiking in gorges: it is sport, adventure, thrill and personality development.

Canyoning combines the most diverse elements from climbing and alpinism and demands a great deal of experience and skill from the guides. After all, the groups should be guided safely through the beautiful gorges of the Ötztal.

The special features of each gorge, the course of the water, the rocks as well as the constantly changing weather conditions have to be interpreted correctly in order to return safely and happily from the adventure.
In canyoning, a gorge is hiked from top to bottom. By abseiling, climbing, jumping, sliding, swimming and diving one gets through the often very narrow and steep rocky gorges.
Since canyoning has many followers in the area around the Ötztal, many tour providers have also settled. Canyoning is a relatively young sport that has its roots in Spain and southern France.
The goal of canyoning is a combination of swimming, climbing and rappelling, sometimes with jumps or diving, to go through canyons from top to bottom. In the Ötztal, the experienced canyoning athlete will find his challenge as well as a participant in a guided canyoning tour.

There are numerous canyons with beautiful emerald pools and thundering waterfalls, high jumps and spectacular rappels in and around the Ötztal. Because of the great conditions, many canyoning tour providers have set up shop at the entrance to the Ötztal.

Gorges like the Auerklamm, Nederbach (Höllwiesenklamm, Alpenrose) or Rosengartenschlucht are known beyond the borders of Tyrol and Austria for their special beauty and suitability for canyoning.

But be careful: never go into the canyon on your own!

The Ötztal has enough special schools that offer guided tours and courses. So you will certainly experience unique white water tours.