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Apartments & Flats in Tyrol

When looking for accommodation in Tyrol, visitors are often spoilt for choice: between vacation apartments, apartments, star hotels, guesthouses and cozy huts, it is always location, price, but above all personal preferences that decide.

Nature-loving adventure vacationers will enjoy vacation apartments and rooms in outdoor accommodations that are located outside of the much-populated towns and rather remote. From here, there are ideal starting points for long hikes against a fantastic backdrop, mountain bike tours or simply enjoying the tranquil nature. Also the campsites are open all year round in the Ötztal and enjoy visitors who like it outside.

Apartments & Flats in the Ötztal - close to the summit

Vacation apartments are available in the Ötztal at all heights. Perhaps you prefer to live directly in the valley and thus be close to the heart of the village. Especially in Sölden, the après-ski paradise, central living brings you directly to the many discos and restaurants in town.

A little higher up, you'll find hotels and vacation apartments located directly at lift stations or ski slopes. Especially enthusiastic winter sports enthusiasts like to stop here, where they can start directly into the snow in the morning without waiting and enjoy the Ötztal winter. Or would you rather go to the top? Then there are still vacation apartments available close to the summit with a fantastic view over almost the entire Ötztal.

Our recommendations: The most beautiful vacation apartments in Tyrol

Wherever you are looking for vacation rentals & apartments in Tyrol, the five communities of Längenfeld, Sautens, Sölden, Umhausen and Ötz alone offer more choice than you can check for yourself. Therefore, rely on our recommendations to find, for example, beautiful hotels and apartments in Sölden.