morning, 03.03.2024
Temperature: 5°C/41°F
Sun: 80%
Frost Border: 2200m
afternoon, 03.03.2024
Temperature: 10°C/50°F
Sun: 80%
Frost Border: 2300m
Monday, 04.03.2024
Temperature: 8°C/46°F
Sun: 40%
Frost Border: 2100m
Tuesday, 05.03.2024
Temperature: 7°C/45°F
Sun: 10%
Frost Border: 2000m
A strong southerly airflow will bring warm, dry air from the Mediterranean. The weather will thus be bright and dry with spring-like temperatures. It will, however, be a bit windy, particularly on the mountains.
Slowly but surely we have to mentally prepare for more unstable and cooler weather. Already by Sunday, it will begin to change. On Monday, we will see showers.