Bathing lakes & swimming pools in Ötztal

pure bathing fun

With countless bathing lakes and swimming pools, the Ötztal in Tyrol is a true paradise for water rats. Water slides, volleyball courts and beautiful children's areas let the youngest among us get their money's worth and make every single day of the summer vacation an experience. But by no means only our little friends get their money's worth. Through the first thermal spa in Tyrol, the Aqua Dome in Längenfeld, adults, lovers and connoisseurs will also find their personal highlight to relax.

With a total of 9 bathing establishments (2 of which are open all year round, e.g. the Sölden swimming pool) divided into 6 communities, we ensure that everyone can find the bathing establishment that best suits their personal wishes and ideas.

Don't miss the water fun in the bathing lakes in the Ötztal, the swimming pools or also in the Freizeitarena Sölden!

Swimming lake Umhausen
Adventure pool Oetz
Lake Piburg
Swimming pool Sautens
Forest pool Haiming
Aqua Dome
Swimming pool Längenfeld
Leisure Arena Sölden