Vivea 4* Hotel Umhausen in the Ötztal

Healing spring with comprehensive therapy offer

In 2011 the opening of the Vivea Health Hotel took place. A special feature of the Vivea Health Hotel Umhausen is the healing effect of the noble gas "radon" in the Umhausen water. The treatment spectrum ranges from degenerative spinal and joint complaints to respiratory and skin diseases.

Let yourself be inspired by the energy of the water and draw strength in the breathtaking mountain world of the Tyrolean Ötztal. Surrounded by numerous three-thousand-meter peaks, a special treasure slumbers in the depths of the valley: more than 200 million cubic meters of radon healing water. A healing spring that unfolds its effects at the Kurhotel Vivea in Umhausen. With its comprehensive range of therapies, from radon therapy and natural fango to whole-body cold therapy, the Vivea spa center in Umhausen in the Ötztal offers the perfect basis for a relaxing and beneficial stay.

Vivea 4* Hotel Umhausen im Ötztal
Lehgasse 50
6441 Umhausen im Ötztal
Phone: +43 5255 50160
E-Mail: umhausen@vivea-hotels.com

What's the deal with radon water?

The radon healing water, which springs from the depths of the Ötztal, has a wide variety of effects. It is particularly recommended for degenerative spinal and joint complaints, as well as for rheumatic complaints and skin and respiratory diseases. It is also used to alleviate menopausal complaints, to strengthen the immune system and for general revitalization.

Center for musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases:

In the radon water exercise pool, the positive effect of radon therapy is enhanced by physical exercise. Scientific research shows that the pain-relieving effect can last up to one year.

With appropriate protection and in swimwear, the patient goes into the cold chamber for up to three minutes. The heat withdrawal at -110 C leads to a symptom-free state that can last three hours or longer. Ideal to use this time for movement exercises. In this way, helpful immune cells are mobilized and the affected cells can regain their physical autonomy.

Radon therapy
Natural fango and hay flower pack
Carbovasal therapy
whole body cold therapy -110 C
Baths such as carbonic acid bath and spruce needle bath
Classical massages of all kinds
Manual lymphatic drainage
Medical equipment training
Underwater therapeutic gymnastics