morning, 17.06.2024
Temperature: 6°C/43°F
Sun: 70%
Frost Border: 3200m
afternoon, 17.06.2024
Temperature: 13°C/55°F
Sun: 70%
Frost Border: 3500m
Tuesday, 18.06.2024
Temperature: 17°C/63°F
Sun: 90%
Frost Border: 4100m
Wednesday, 19.06.2024
Temperature: 17°C/63°F
Sun: 80%
Frost Border: 4000m
We can breathe a sigh of relief that the period of bad weather is over now! Nevertheless, the transition from rain to nice weather is usually smooth. Although we will get more sun than clouds today, perfect sunshine is not expected just yet. There might even be one or two short showers in the afternoon and in the evening.
The area of high pressure that built over Europe yesterday will stay with us for quite a long time. Together with warm air, it will ensure bright summer weather for the time being.